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Weighing the clay.
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  Creating handmade pottery from concept to completion involves multiple steps.

The first inklings of a pot begin in the sketchbook… where an idea is drawn, and notes are written for which glazes I will use on the piece. Clay is weighed and wedged in preparation for the wheel. Each pot that I make is made by my hands on the wheel. After the pot has dried to a leather hard consistency, it is placed on the wheel again, this time upside down and is trimmed with a metal tool to create a finished bottom. Some of the pottery at this point is carved to create images such as incised leaves. The pot then needs to dry for about a week before it can go into the kiln for the fist firing, known as the bisque fire. This firing takes about twelve hours to reach a temperature of 1800 degrees. The kiln takes another thirty hours to cool before I can unload the hardened pots. At this point I glaze and decorate the pottery, using earth pigments, mixed with silica, and clay to form the glass-like surface called glaze. The pots are then carefully placed in the kiln for the second firing called the glaze firing. The glaze fire takes up to sixteen hours to reach a temperature of 2300 degrees. In another day and a half I can open the kiln to see what goodies await!

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